Is it right for me?

If you have equity in your home, and carry substantial credit card debt or want to remodel/renovate, a HELOC might be a perfect solution for you.

A HELOC takes 2nd lien position on your home. Lenders will allow you to access up to 90% of the value of your property with this tool. Your interest rate will be + or - the prime rate dependent on your credit score at time of application

This isn't a tool to pay off a car or go on vacation with. It's not free money and anyone telling you to leverage it to cash out on the equity of your home before its too late is someone you shouldn't be talking to. Register for free and get full access to the best home equity line of credit/best HELOC

How does it work?

Your home is worth $500,000- A HELOC will allow you to borrow a maximum of $450,000 on said property. Subtract any existing mortgage balance owned from that $450,000 and you have your available line of credit allowable on a HELOC.

The loan is typically structured over 20 years (240 months). You'll be billed interest only monthly based on the balance owed for the first 10 years. You pay interest on what you owe and can pay off early at anytime and conversely, draw those funds available per the credit limit just like a credit card.

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