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Introducing Our AskLocal Online Mortgage Calculator

Eliminate the sales pitch from your life and receive real, accurate loan options provided by our world class, wholesale mortgage brokers. Let their loan terms do the talking and make choosing your mortgage lender simple. No games, no sales tactics. Just better rates, from better lending teams that aren’t given commissions to make sales.

Simply fill in the required areas below and compare loan options from one screen with easy-to-understand spreadsheets that’ll eliminate variables and save you thousand in interest. Push forward with confidence knowing the information you submit isn’t shared with anyone and is only collected to provide you the most accurate loan options.

Welcome to the first step in a better was to save time, stress, and money!

Home Affordability Calculator

Don’t break the bank with your next home purchase.

A home is one of the biggest purchases you ever need to make. Ensuring your dream home falls within your budget can help you rest easy knowing you made the right decision. AskLocal’s home affordability calculator lets you the numbers in just a few minutes. Have some questions? Just reach out to our concierge desk.

Home Affordability Calculator

Down Payment Calculator

Know your total cash exposure and down payment before it’s too late.

A good down payment can reduce your mortgage rate and your monthly payments. You can use this calculator to play with the numbers and see how much your down payment may affect your monthly bills. Want to see how much you can afford? Use this in combination with our home affordability calculator.

Down Payment Calculator

Budget Analysis Calculator

Compare multiple loan terms all on one screen — no lender required.

Ready to tell your money what to do? Our budget analysis calculator can help you crunch the numbers quickly. Here, you can figure out how much you’re spending in each category and decide how much you should add, subtract, or cut from each line item. Pro tip: your total mortgage payment should be 28% (or less!) than your monthly income.

Budget Analysis Calculator

Virtual Mortgage Coaches

Avoid shady sales tactics and get the answers you need to budget for a home and avoid surprises.

Mortgage calculators are designed to be inaccurate. They don’t give you loan options to consider. They don’t provide education on total cost differences over the life of the loan. And they certainly don’t show accurate cash to close figures based on those options.

To get that kind of clarity, you’d normally have to call a commissioned loan officer, who is paid when a sale is made. And even after dealing with that unwanted, high-pressure situation, you still can’t be certain the information provided is accurate. Lots of sharks in these waters, loaded with bait & switch tactics to lock you in.

Virtual Mortgage Coaches

Net Proceeds Calculator

Here’s what you’re actually taking home.

Sellers agents can sometimes promise gigantic amounts of equity — but somehow ‘forget’ to let you know about hidden fees or commission costs. This calculator helps you see exactly how much you’d make, minus the cost of realtor fees and other hidden expenses. You deserve to know the truth. AskLocal wants to help you find it.