Real Estate Agent Guide

Why You Need A Real Estate Agent

We hear this more and more. We understand why someone would feel this way, but please know this couldn’t be further from the truth. The RIGHT agents provide you protection that simply cannot be replicated when representing yourself. That said, we totally get the sentiment. We have our own experiences dealing with the Riff-Raff that’s out there that simply sees you as a commission. You’re tired of dealing with pushy realtors who don’t know what they are doing. Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life, and it’s stressful enough without having to deal with someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. The problem is you never know until it’s too late!

Welcome to the AskLocal Way

Our online community marketplace allows you to instantly compare offers from multiple teams, local to your market, on one screen so you can choose the best offer for your needs. All of our agents have been rigorously vetted based on their expertise, experience, and past client reviews. Our Marketplace has checks and balances throughout to ensure you’re only dealing with people interested in finding you the right home.

Welcome to the AskLocal Way

Our AskLocal Agents

Each team on our Marketplace will broaden your property’s exposure to more buyers if selling, help you negotiate the best deal when buying or selling, dedicate more of their time than competitors, and prevent emotions from sabotaging a great deal for you. They will bring their expertise, experience and candor to what is a complex transaction with MANY potential pitfalls/unwanted surprises.

Our AskLocal Agents

The AskLocal Executive Team

We have over 70 years of combined experience in residential real estate. We know how to spot the good, the bad, and the ugly. These powerhouse teams don’t pay to be on our site. They’re here because they deserve to be and have passed our rigid requirements, all of which are consumer-first focused. This isn’t your normal, everyday real estate site. As a AskLocal registered community member, you will come first.

The AskLocal Executive Team

Things to know when choosing an AskLocal Real Estate Agent

  1. How long have they been operating their business successfully? ‘Successfully’ being the key word here. Just because they’ve been practicing all of time doesn’t equate to being great at what they do. All our agents on network have a wealth of experience and expertise
  2. Request a copy of customer reviews and be sure to read them. You can learn a lot more than you’d think digging in here. Closed clients typically leave reviews in 2 situations… They’re either really impressed, or really upset! You can learn from both. We make it easy by providing you their reviews right on their page
  3. There is no shame in asking for the bottom line. All our teams have their own value adds and it’s never been easier to compare the differences. The best part is you don’t have to hear/deal with the sales pitch. Interview and engage each from the comfort of your couch. You’ll know which team is right for you. Know that each come with the best tools the industry has to offer that will allow them to leverage the best deal possible for you and yours
  4. Requesting their most recent sales is highly recommended. This will give you a much better feel for the types of homes and clientele the agents typically serve. If selling your home, you should look at the average day on market for their most recent listing along with initial list price and compare to the actual sales price
  5. Who pays for the Real Estate Agents commission? The seller of the home has to pay the entirety of the agent’s commission. Sellers get the raw end of the deal here but make out on their next purchase. A big pay it forward campaign! Just know that our agentshave a vast network of buyers which can be quite advantageous as to the cost to the seller should AskLocal, or the team, brings buyer to your listing. Bottom line… You SAVE with reduced commission agreements

AskLocal agents have been put through the ringer. We don’t put up with the bait and switch game that are ever so typical in this space. There are no second changes here. If anyone abuses their role on this site, they are removed and replaced immediately.

We value YOUR relationship MUCH more so than any other. We view ourselves as a consumer advocacy group/site more so than anything else and look forward to earning your business for life

Simply put, AskLocal wins only when YOU win!

Things to know when choosing an AskLocal Real Estate Agent

A. We’ve made this easier than ever. As a registered user, you get direct access to the best in market and can learn what each has to offer without the sales pitch.

A. Our AskLocal lenders have created a product that goes direct to you. The middle-men normally involved in lending are now gone and no longer require compensation for originating your mortgage. When we eliminate those hands from the pot, the product becomes cheaper. We pass those savings directly on to you without sacrificing the service you deserve.

A. AskLocal highly recommends getting a home inspection done regardless of what anyone tells you. This will be one of the largest financial transactions in your life. You need to make sure it’s protected. Choosing which inspector to use is easy! Yet another benefit of our online vendor marketplace.

A. Regardless of what you hear, the reality is you as the buyer reserve the right to pick the title company used. Our title partners are the best in the business and have discounted rates to AskLocal registered users.

A. Appraisals are complex reports based on accurate and reliable data that comes from multiple sources. It’s nice to get an idea of what your home is worth instantaneously but the reality is those tools are designed to get people engaged in potentially selling their home. If you like certainty over hypothetical, you’ll love us and the resources we have here. Our AskLocal C.M.A. will provide a much better valuation range than other online estimation tools that are notorious for bad data. And if you want to know for sure, we have our AskLocal Appraisal desk to get a true opinion of value from a state certified appraiser that knows your market. Our resources are here to help eliminate the variables to ensure a successful real estate transaction

These are some of many questions buyers and sellers alike should have when entering today’s Real Estate market.

Overwhelmed at the thought of it all? Don’t be! This is why we’re here and our marketplace exists. We appreciate how hard it is just to keep up with a normal day, let alone adding in trying to buy or sell a home.

Having true partners by your side will provide all  the difference necessary to make this experience a pleasant and most memorable one